Tuesday, January 26, 2010


physical needs:air ventilation to improve air quality and water coolers in the rail way station
intellectual needs: television to entertain commuter and tell when the train is arriving and sell news papers to inform commuters about their surroundings.
emotional:leave a sign bored empty to let people write down their feelings of our rail way station and let them express their problems.
social: place more chairs so people talk to each other as people interact less when they stand.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What is Art, Design, Media and Technology?


-Artwork is made up of lines, shape, colors and objects.


-To add life
-Enhance and beautify the environment


- Interactive and digital


-Makes people life more convenient, e.g. Electricity, WWW..etc..

-Provides people with entertainment

-Enables communication and transportation to be better.

Definition of environment:

Environment is the surrounding of an object

Team leader: Jit Sheng
Presenter: Imran
Notetaker 1: Ren Chang
Notetaker 2: Lhu Wen Kai